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Sniper Captain Mod Apk [Money] Latest Version for Android

Sniper Captain Mod Apk

Sniper Captain Mod Apk Unlimited Money

You are a sniper captain in a sniper game. You will save the people in the city from danger. Take a shot!
Identify sniper target, gun up, fast and accurate shooting with your limited sniper bullet. Don't waste bullets, this is a sniper game with interesting gameplay. Latest play of the year. Touch the screen to target, drag, drop and boom ... the target will be destroyed. Easy controls for the super sniper captain. Sniper assassin has never been so easy.

Download Sniper Captain Mod Apk Unlimited Money

A sniper captain walks around the city and always has his gun ready, you face the most dangerous targets. You are a sniper assassin in Sniper Captain, your shots are the strongest and most accurate.

Unlike the sniper games you have played, in the free shooting game Sniper Captain, you will mix guns at different levels to create the strongest weapon. The stronger the gun is, the faster the bullet path and the opponent is destroyed. Not much time, you have to use your given sniper bullet to shoot down targets from a distance, bad guys can escape before you act.

Download Sniper Captain Mod Apk Unlimited Money



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